Matt Taylor

Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach 

This is My Story

Matt has worked in the field of personal change for over 20 years and as a hypnotherapist for over ten. After experiencing the benefits of his own mindfulness practice, he trained to be a mindfulness teacher in 2004. Matt and his wife, Sara, have two wonderful teenage children and run two wellbeing clinics in Cambridgeshire.

“Working with people is what I have always loved doing. I got kind of side-tracked with my interest in science and ended up studying Microbiology at Manchester Uni. After graduating I never pursued it any further.

I think my interest in how we tick and how we relate to each other comes from my Mum. She trained as a marriage guidance counselor (now known as ‘Relate’) when I was young and she would always find ways to share what she had learned in ways we could all understand.¬†

I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I am able to assist someone to grow and change. It is all about discovering the resources we all have (strengths, skills, talents etc.) within us, which enable those positive and significant shifts. Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools I have come across for just that purpose.

My Recent Work