Mindfulness Classes in Huntingdon and Cambridge


Discover the many benfits of living mindfully.

FREE CLASSES in Cambridge AND Huntingdon will be held throughout  2018.

If you would like to find out more about mindfulness before signing up for a course, feel free to join one of our free taster classes.

You’ll get to try some mindfulness meditation, discover a little more about the course and ask as many questions as you like.

For more information call 01223 654 332

Classes are held at the new annex of The Cambridge Rugby Club, Granchester Rd, Cambridge.

Monday evenings 7pm-8:30pm.

Our Eight weeks courses run consistently through the year. 

Please call 01223 654 332 for more details.

Classes are held in the calming oak-beamed studio of our Wellbeing Clinic in Abbots Ripton.

Tuesday evenings 7pm-8:30pm.

Our eight-week courses run throughout the year.

Please call 01487 773 088 for more details.

If you feel the class environment isn’t for you, one-to-one mindfulness lessons may be of interest.

Each class will be personalised to meet your individual needs and requirements. These classes last one hour and incorporate all the material from the eight week class series.

Please call 01223 654 332 for lessons in Cambridge or 01487 773 088 for lessons in Huntingdon.












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During the course you will have opportunity to try a number of different meditations such as:

  • Breath meditations
  • Bodyscan meditations
  • Movement meditations also known as mindful movement
  • Sound meditations
  • Flexible awareness meditations
  • Choiceless Awareness meditations
  • Guided visulation meditations
  • Loving Kindness meditations
  • Walking meditation

If you are new to meditation, have no fear, most class attendees are in the same boat.

After the series, you will be able to meditate with a sense of confidence and ease and develop your own personal meditation practice.


Mindfulness can be applied to all aspects of life outside of meditation. Performing a task mindfully is known as informal mindfulness.

During the course we will explore how informal mindfulness may be useful in the following situations:

  • Tasks at work
  • High stress situations
  • Routine tasks
  • Eating (mindful meals)
  • Walking (Can also be a formal meditation)
  • and almost any other task you perform

Informal mindfulness is a wonderful way to re-engage with the wonder and beauty of the world we live in. It turns the dull and mundane into interesting and fascinating activities.


The course aims to deliver a lot of really interesting information in an engaging and relatable manner. We’ll cover a bit of brain anatomy, neuroscience, history, psychology, cognitive therapy, pain management, emotional resilience, consciousness and much more.

Each week, along with the meditation training, we watch a brief video or two on relevant topics by some of the worlds leading minds on mindfulness and wellbeing.

But as always, what we learn and practice in the class environment is only the start.

The essence of mindfulness practice is personal practice, each person investing in themselves. This is where all the riches and benefits are realised – taking a little bit of time for you each day, choosing to be fully present, aware of what is happening in your world in this moment.

Inner Battle Truce

Inner Battle Truce

The inner battle to be content vs my desire to prove myself has become more settled. I can’t say exactly when it happened but there seems to be a truce. The one major change in my life has been my consistency with my mindfulness meditation and my efforts to embrace the present moment.

Good Enough

Good Enough

“Now is usually good, and if it’s not good, it’s usually enough.”

That was it! I imagine that for most people that would seem a pretty inconspicuous and unimportant statement. But for me, it was significant.

Now is all we have

Now is all we have

We live life moment by moment (a phrase you’ll hear a lot in mindfulness circles) but the only moment we really have is this one right now. So as you’re reading this, pause for a moment and drink in all that is going on around you – the colours, scents, sounds, sensations of the body. It feels good, doesn’t it!