Matt has been married to his wife, Sara, for 20 years and they have two teenage children who are their pride and joy – first and foremost, he classes himself as a family man. Sara and Matt met while working together for a church in London in 1996.  After eight years of service and leading congregations in Cambridge and Manchester, they decided to step out the ministry but continue to work together. In 2004 they started their first business venture – a home based physiotherapy clinic which was built around ensuring they would always have time for their young family.

Soon after starting the physio clinic, Matt trained as a hypnotherapist, which eventually led him to discovering mindfulness and subsequently training as a mindfulness coach. 

Despite many rich blessings, such as close family, wonderful friends, successful businesses and good health, Matt admits to feeling an unsettling underlying pressure to always do more, be more and feeling impatient with himself and life. “I know I should know better, especially being a therapist and all that, but I have always struggled with enjoying what I have because my head was in the future, busy trying to create better moments ahead. Though this still occurs, Mindfulness has helped me find a place of calmness, gratitude and simple pleasure which always eluded me. It isn’t all sunshine and roses, mindfulness takes effort but the rewards have been significant. I now teach it to almost every client who comes to see me.”